How does it work?

This service is set up as a standard subscription service. Simply browse through our catalog and add your favorite titles to your cart. At checkout you'll be charged for a set number of issues per subscription with a discount and shipping included. Depending on your issues scheduled release, the first issue for your subscription will ship within 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost?

At checkout you'll be charged for the specified number of issues at a discount off the current cover price and shipping is included in the price.

How are my subscriptions shipped?

All titles are placed in an opaque poly bag with a current backing board in front. Oversized titles and Image Plus catalogs are sent in the same type of polybag with no backing board. All subscriptions purchased with shipping included are sent by USPS bulk rate standard flat service. This generally takes 3- 12 business days for delivery. Tracking is not available for subscriptions.

What condition can I expect my issue to come in?

All subscription orders are packaged between 2 current comic boards. The comic is sent in a poly bag and shipped through the US mail service. Because you are purchasing issues where shipping is included in the total price and it is sent by standard mail, condition cannot be guaranteed. Standard mail service requires all flat shipments to be able to bend 1”, so we are unable to place “do not bend” stickers on the package.

Which cover will I receive?

For all titles, subscription customers will receive the common cover, or Cover A, for any given issue. Sometimes the image shown on the subscription page may not reflect this (due to delays in image procurement), but you will always receive Cover A.

When is the first issue of my subscription sent?

Fulfillments are done each week, approximately 5 days before release, where the items are checked in, packaged and labeled for shipment. If you place your subscription order after this date for an item releasing the following week, your issue will be filled the following week. For example, if Walking Dead #150 releases on Wednesday the 21st , the fulfillment is prepared on Thursday the 15th and shipped out on release day. Any subscriptions purchased after the release date will be picked up in subsequent weeks and can take up to 4-6 weeks.

When do I get my comics?

Each series will state which issue is next scheduled to release and the month in which it will release. All subscriptions are packaged in the week they release. They are shipped out on Wednesday of that week and should arrive to you within 3-12 business days. Each time an issue is processed, your account will show that your issue has been processed. We do not want to compete with our retail partners, so we do not ship the issues any sooner than within 1-2 days of release. The subscription service was created for customers who are unable to visit a comic shop, do not have a local comic shop, or their comic shop does not carry the title they wish to purchase.

If you do not receive your issue within 15 business days of the release of the issue, please email us, and we will be happy to send a replacement to you. If we have to send more than 2 replacements for your account, we may require an alternate address to send replacements and future issues.

If we do not receive an email within 30 days of the release of the issue reporting non-receipt, we may not be able to replace your issue. Any emails reporting non-receipt of an issue must be received within 45 days of the release of the issue to be replaced.

Where do you ship?

At present, we ship only to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

How do I change my address?

Access your account at https://subscriptions.imagecomics.com/ or simply go to www.imagecomics.com and click the Image Direct link. Click on your profile and choose update address. If you want all future issues to be sent to the new address, be sure to click the box stating “Update all subscriptions with this address”. This will update your profile and your subscription address. Please note, standard mail packages are not forwarded, so address changes must be made within 7 business days of the next scheduled issue release. Replacements cannot be sent for issues that were sent to an address where the account was not updated.